Step 3: Train Your Team

Practice makes perfect!

Before you begin using Shelterluv to record real animal data, it is critical to your success to allow time for your team to practice using Shelterluv to refine your configurations and workflows.

If you’ve assigned Shelterluv captains, make sure they are training their team with updated internal processes, and using Shelterluv to the fullest! This means encouraging mobile checkout to maximize donations and capture digital signatures, or coming up with a process for managing your incoming applications in our Application Manager. If you are handling the setup yourself, be sure to spend time on this key step, so your organization will get the full benefits of your new software.

We can wipe all practice animal, people and transaction data from your account before your go live date. If you are importing data, this is normally done on the day of your import, or it can be done at your request by emailing on the day before you start entering real animal records if you are not importing. Wiping your practice data WILL NOT impact your user permissions or configurations.

Important Note: Since we have an automated billing system, please be sure to delete any practice adoptions from Record Management before the end of each month so you do not accidentally get billed for them.

Team Training

All new Shelterluv users should start by watching the following previously recorded demo to become familiar with Shelterluv:

Extended Shelterluv Demo.mp4

Our comprehensive Shelterluv Help Center is your go-to resource for FAQ's and training. It is always available to you from the "Help" button on the top navigation bar when logged in to your Shelterluv account.

Review our New User Training Guide section which is divided by user role such as Admissions, Adoptions and Medical. You may also want to bookmark our Search Bar Shortcuts and Troubleshoot Tips.

Want to see our mobile checkout and donation boost in action? Text "CAT" or "DOG" to 650-240-4964 from your mobile device! You can also keep this guide handy for your team.

Helpful Tips

Don’t forget to practice essential steps, like completing a mobile checkout, or managing adoption applications in our Application Manager (instead of printing them out!). You may be surprised how much time you can save by adapting new internal processes with Shelterluv!

Developing “Standard Operating Procedures”, or SOPs, for your organization can help ensure your entire team is using Shelterluv the way it was designed. But more importantly, SOPs can be a great opportunity to communicate with your team how your existing internal processes will be changing to take full advantage of Shelterluv’s time saving and paper saving features. Remember - your SOPs shouldn’t be a quick rundown of software steps. It should incorporate your internal processes so your team recognizes how they will shift once you’re using Shelterluv.