Step 2: Configure Your Account

Account Configuration

The most important step in your onboarding journey!

Shelterluv serves a variety of organizations from municipal shelters, foster-based rescue groups, transport agencies, and everyone in-between! Before you begin entering any data, you'll need to configure your account to meet your organization's needs. Check out the short video below to get an idea of what you are able to configure in your Shelterluv account.

Remember, the more time you and your team spend getting your configurations the way you want them, the more time you will save down the line when you begin to use Shelterluv on a daily basis! Most configuration sections include helpful videos and tips about that particular section along with direct links to articles in our help center for more details.

Before You Start Configuring

There are some important configurations that directly impact your ability to create new animal records, process adoptions, and report on your organization's activity.

You should receive an email invitation from Shelterluv is using to give you full visibility into the onboarding process. In your personal Digital Checklist we've laid out the best practices for setting up your Shelterluv account. We encourage you to invite additional team members and assign specific tasks to help the entire organization remain engaged and stay on track!

We recommend that you assign “Shelterluv captains” from your team to setup account configurations relevant to their position - choose someone who will encourage new efficient practices, and train others to do the same. It’s also a good idea to practice your new adoption processes after each major configuration update, and run reports from your report dashboard to make sure you’re documenting and processing everything correctly.

We also offer several "Configurations in a Box" best practice settings that can be copied directly into your new Shelterluv account. Click here to learn more.

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