Step 4: Going Live!

After completing your account configurations and allowing each user time to feel comfortable adding animal and person data, you might be ready to “go live” and start processing real data in your account!

Don’t forget to double-check your personalized Onboarding Checklist (via!

When you are ready for your official start, be sure to let us know by emailing, so we can erase any practice data for you and answer any last minute questions you might have.

If You Are Importing Data:

You will go live the day after your import date. Please refer to the Shelterluv Import Guide for additional details.

If You Are Not Importing Data:

You can go live whenever you are ready. Please email us to let us know when you plan to go live so we can be sure to support your team and wipe any practice data as needed.

Automatic Uploads to Microchip Registries

Shelterluv has integrations with multiple microchip registries including Fi Nano, AKC Reunite, Petlink, SmartTag, and Found Animals/24Pet.

With these integrations enabled, Shelterluv will automatically upload to these registries for you, AND your adopters, who may often skip this important step!

Please watch this quick 30 second video then click here to learn more about what each registry has to offer so you can choose the one that fits your organization the best!

Automatic Uploads to Adoption Aggregators

Shelterluv has integrations with, Petfinder, and These integrations allow Shelterluv to post your adoptable animals directly to your aggregator profile, saving hours of work for you and your staff.

Please watch this 60 second video then click here to learn more.

Important Note: You can prepare your integrations now, but we recommend waiting to enable these until you're officially live and are ready to publish your adoptable pets!

We're Here To Help!

Remember, you can always access our Help Center by clicking on the Help button on the navigation bar when logged into your Shelterluv account:

From our Help Center you can "Submit a request" to contact our Support & Onboarding team, or send a new email to

Additional Tips

Join Our Facebook Group

Shelterluv has a private community on Facebook for all of its users! Click here to request access!

Best For Pets - Offers in Checkout

Best for Pets is our checkout feature that provides customized offers such as insurance or discounts on pet supplies to adopters.

Did you know that adopters who elect insurance for their new pet at time of adoption are 40% less likely to return them? With access to affordable pet care a growing problem, our Best for Pets feature empowers adopters to make their own decision about what’s best for their new family member. It’s a great way to support your adopters without any heavy lifting or selling on your part.

In addition to providing invaluable resources to your adopters, our Best For Pets feature also allows us to keep Shelterluv financially accessible for shelters and rescues of all sizes.

Please keep in mind that these offers may be dependent upon your state/country.

Click here to learn more.