Step 1: Initial Setup

Technology Requirements

Shelterluv is a web-based platform that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet. It may be useful to check your wifi capacity in all areas of your organization so that all teams can access Shelterluv as needed.

You can access Shelterluv via a web browser from a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. We recommend Google Chrome which is the most advanced and secure web browser that will provide the best user experience. Click here to learn more about enabling digital signatures on touchscreen devices.

Set up Automated Billing

Once you receive your new user credentials, login to your Shelterluv account. Navigate to the gear icon in the top right corner, and select "Configuration" from the dropdown menu (first screenshot). From your configurations page, select "Onboarding & Billing" from the top of the list. Then click on the blue "Shelterluv Onboarding" button (second screenshot).

On the Onboarding page, select the blue "Payment Details" button to enter a credit or debit card to be on file.

We will charge this card monthly for the adoptions you processed in the previous month. After you've gone live, you'll be able to access your monthly invoices any time by scrolling to the bottom of the "Shelterluv Onboarding" page where you entered your credit card details to load the "Invoices" tab:

Set up Shelterpay

Shelterpay is our suite of features that make it possible to complete all of your adoptions via text or email, earn additional donations, and provide a paperless adoption application and checkout experience for your adopters. Learn more about Shelterpay here: What is Shelterpay?

If you have not connected your Shelterpay features by linking a new or existing Stax account (our current payment processing partner), please complete this step before you go live! If you have municipal restrictions or questions about this critical step to your success with Shelterluv, contact our Customer Success team:

To date, Shelterluv's Shelterpay mobile checkout and donation boost features have helped our customers collect over $12,000,000 in donations!

Configuration > General Shelter > Onboarding & Billing > Shelterluv Onboarding

Important note: You should not purchase a physical credit card terminal.

Additionally, Shelterluv can only integrate with one payment processor and bank account at a time.

Best For Pets - Offers in Checkout

Best for Pets is our checkout feature that provides customized offers such as insurance or discounts on pet supplies to adopters.

Did you know that adopters who elect insurance for their new pet at time of adoption are 40% less likely to return them? With access to affordable pet care a growing problem, our Best for Pets feature empowers adopters to make their own decision about what’s best for their new family member. It’s a great way to support your adopters without any heavy lifting or selling on your part.

In addition to providing invaluable resources to your adopters, our Best For Pets feature also allows us to keep Shelterluv financially accessible for shelters and rescues of all sizes.

Please keep in mind that these offers may be dependent upon your state/country.

Click here to learn more.