Welcome to Shelterluv

You're on your way to streamlined workflows and increasing your donations! 

The Shelterluv Customer Onboarding Journey is divided into four main sections that build a great foundation for you and your team:

The best part? You're not alone! Shelterluv's Onboarding Managers are here to help with any questions that come up along the way. You can reach our team anytime by emailing help@shelterluv.com or click the button below to schedule a Jumpstart meeting!

 We're looking forward to learning more about you!

Getting Started

Once you receive your Shelterluv account credentials via email, you can log in at shelterluv.com to complete your initial setup tasks. 

The most important step is to enroll with our integrated credit card processor to enable our most powerful Shelterpay features! 

Learn more about Shelterpay and how to get started here: What is Shelterpay?

Discover our checkout feature that provides customized offers such as insurance or discounts on pet supplies for your adopters.

We've outlined six best practices that will help you maximize your donation earnings with Shelterpay's Donation Boost.

Configure Your Account

Shelterluv serves a variety of organizations from large municipal shelters to foster-only rescue groups, and everyone in between! Before you begin entering data, you'll need to configure your account to meet your organization's needs. 

The more time you and your team spend customizing your account settings, the more time you will save when you begin to use Shelterluv on a daily basis! 

Watch the short video (below) to learn more about configuring your account.

Built directly into your Shelterluv account configuration panel, you'll find helpful short videos or links to read more about each section in our Help Center

Look for the or the info tooltip:

Not sure where to start? 

We've taken out the guesswork and developed this step-by-step guide you can follow: Shelterluv's Configuration Guide

We recommend assigning “Shelterluv Captains” from your team to review account configurations relevant to their position. Choose someone who will encourage new efficient practices and train others to do the same.

We are here to help! Contact Shelterluv's Onboarding Managers by emailing help@shelterluv.com or click the button below to schedule a consultation.

We can import your current population and historic data, 

for free. Please review our import guide for instructions.

Shelterluv is a web-based platform 

that can be accessed from anywhere, 

but these devices make it even easier for your team and your customers.

Practice Makes Perfect

All new users should watch a pre-recorded demo video (left) to become familiar with Shelterluv.

Our comprehensive Help Center is your resource for FAQ's and training. Access it 24/7 by clicking "Help in the top navigation bar when logged in to your Shelterluv account.

This User Training Guide is divided by roles such as Admissions, Adoptions, and Medical. 

It can be helpful to practice essential steps, like creating person records and assigning foster animals, managing applications in our Application Manager (instead of printing them out!), or completing a mobile adoption checkout. You may be surprised how much time you can save by adopting new internal processes with Shelterluv! 

We can wipe your account of all practice animal, people and transaction data before you go "live" (using Shelterluv for real data). If you are importing data, we normally wipe your account on the day of your import. Wiping your practice data will not impact your user permissions or configurations. 

In addition to self-guided training, you can schedule meetings with our team to discuss your workflows and ensure you are set up for success. 

Important Note:

You must delete all practice adoption outcomes that you complete before the end of each month, so they are not included in automated billing.

Learn more: How to Delete Events in Record Management

Remember these tips and tricks in the search bar to lookup animal or person records quickly.

Creating and managing your users is quick and easy to do in Shelterluv!   

Get Ready to Go Live!

Review the following checklist to make sure you're on track:

If you've completed the items above your team is ready to go live!

Remember, you can connect with Shelterluv's Onboarding Managers anytime by emailing help@shelterluv.com. Don't hesitate to reach out to request an account review or use the button below to schedule a call with our team so we can ensure you get the most out of your Shelterluv account and are set up for success to maximize your donations! 

Join other Shelterluv users in our customer-only community on Facebook!

If you ever feel stuck or something

isn't working as expected, remember 

these tips, including how to contact

our team!